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Okay so, I know Tumblr has found missing people before, so I’m posting this. This girl went to my high school, was a friend of mine, and her mom is starting a facebook campaign because apparently news stations arn’t telling this story. She is from Indianapolis Indiana but has been missing for two days.

This is from the facebook page:


Missing: Valerie Carter Age 20…last seen at 9:45pm Wed May 18th. Wearing Pink top and black pajama bottoms. Brown eyes, black shoulder length hair, 5’5”.

***Valerie is still not home..IMPD detectives are currently looking for her..if you see or hear from Valerie..please contact me, her mom..317-221-9808..or Detective Endres with IMPD 317-327-6184***


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I’ve been MIA for a while because I made a goal to go out every weekend until I move to Korea. And, I’ve been good on the goal so far! And, I’m too tired from recovering during the week, I don’t want to write! Last weekend I met someone. Just like anyone else, I didn’t have any expectations…especially because of the move. Well, I’ve hung out with him quite a bit in the last week and he’s sweeping me off my feet! I told him that I was moving to Korea, and without any hesitation he tells me that he’ll wait however long he has to, to be with me and that as long as he can hear my voice, he’s fine <3

Let’s see what happens. I won’t shut anyone out of my life because of my life changing decisions BUT I also don’t want a long distance relationship. I’ve had the mentality that if I met someone before I moved, I would keep it open to contact the person when I move back to see what would happen. We’ll see…

weezy baby <3

This past weekend, I was off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I went out every night!

Went to club Lux on Friday night. Although I find many African American men attractive, I am not attracted to them. The music at this club is on point though, and it’s always a good time because my friend that promotes will get a bottle so my friends can drink free! I unfortunately, have to buy my drinks because I am a Captain drinker, and the bottle is always vodka…ewe. My friend was buying my drinks that night though, so I was having a good time. I brought this Korean girl that I just became friends with and she got fucked up.

While we were walking the streets of South Beach, all I was doing was laughing because guys were coming up to us asking if we spoke English. I kept my mouth shut and she would speak to them in Korean. HILARIOUS! We got a lot of…”If you can understand me…” lol.

Saturday night, I went back to South Beach and went to Cameo, another club my friend was promoting at, and had the time of my life! While I was waiting for our bottle, I was texting my friend that was waiting to get in, when I saw someone standing right in front of me. I looked up and it was Lil Wayne! Looking right at me. With my heels, we stand eye to eye…lol. I said hi, but just as I was about to ask for a hug, his security guard pushed him away. His friends tried to get my girl friend and I into their VIP area later but we only had the bracelets for the main VIP so we got cut off by the bouncers :( oh well. We went on enjoying our friends, and our bottle and Sean Paul had a bottle right next to ours! Half of the Knicks players were there…and birdman was celebrating his birthday. Good night!

Sunday night, we went to a Latin club…like really Latin, like more than half of the people don’t speak English. I was the only Asian in the club, and boy could I tell! Guys were coming up to me to just say hi, asking my friend if I speak Spanish and then trying to speak to me in Spanglish. I got us VIP bracelets so when we were hanging out in VIP guys were fighting over me telling me to go to their table. One guy showed me off to at least 15 people telling them that he got ‘la china’. It was like I was his trophy and he was proud. Security guards were coming up to me shaking my hand and asking to give me a kiss on the cheek. DAMN! now, I know where to go when I need an ego boost! lol, it’s my little piece of Cuban heaven…and I WILL be back!

Now, Im back to work and recovering! can’t wait until next weekend



“A revolution is coming — a revolution which will be peaceful if we are wise enough; compassionate if we care enough; successful if we are fortunate enough — But a revolution which is coming whether we will it or not. We can affect its character; we cannot alter its inevitability.” - John F. Kennedy

tweet of hope from Iran: “# homosexuals will not die, woman will not be stone to death, we will be friends with world.”  viva revolution!


There is no REVOLUTION in Morocco ….

There was only like a peaceful rally on Sunday which by the way happens all the time here.

Ugh, tumblr… get your facts straight, okay?

and what the fuck do homosexuals have to do with people dying in Libya again?

Seriously people seriously, trust me, I might just know a little but more than you do about this.

It’s not so simple.

Asking for a revolution? For democracy? For a new constitution?…

yay, great! Then WHAT?

I’m going to stop here because I really really do not want to elaborate on this matter, so let’s wait and see….

Egypt, Tunisia etc…. will never know political and social stability from now on, at least not for a long time.

Living example: Lebanon

Oh, and just a curious observation; 8000 notes on this post and I bet you more than half of the people who reblogged and liked don’t even know where the above mentioned countries are located.


ugh >__>

The end is near…

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